Journey From Celebrity To Criminal


DCP kulkarni bombay who gave hiz respected serving for mumbai police department daughter MAMTA KULKARNI who walked the fine line between sleazy and sexy in the 90s, had disappeared from the city more than a decade ago. It is said that the actress, who shot to notoriety with a topless cover shot for a film magazine, embraced a life of anonymity after her fortunes dipped and she found love with international drug kingpin Vicky Goswami. In 1997 Vicky was arrested for trafficking 11.5 tonnes of mandrax valued at $ 6 million and incarcerated in Dubai.There he accepted Islam religion with hiz wife mamta kulkarni and Mamta became mehrnisa and Vicky also adopted Muslim name.
Vicky 52 years old, was released from the Dubai prison on November 15 2012 for his model conduct.Therefore he had been managing his real estate business that in Dubai hotel and other business.After released he shifted to nairobi capital of Kenya.
Vicky’s hush-hush release from prison has been reported in several news channels in South Africa, from where he managed his network. “A life sentence in Dubai is in effect 25 years, but prisoners can apply for early release on various grounds for model conduct or conversion to islam, says the article that appeared in the Mail & Guardian, which has been following the sensational case.
Though the opposition lawyers strongly opposed his clemency saying that he was an international criminal, the court pardoned him on grounds that he was a reformed criminal and a devout Muslim.
Later reports differ from the original claims, in that they state the actual marriage took place on May 10, 2013, after Goswami had already been released from prison. These reports imply that Kulkarni had converted herself.
Kulkarni got married to 52-year-old Goswami, after a long-time relationship, when he was in prison in Dubai. She was also managing her husband’s hotel business, in his absence.
In the 90′s Mamta Kulkarni took the film industry by storm. She worked in Bollywood movies for almost 11 years, and after that she left the showbiz and Indian film industry. She has over the past few years rejected numerous film offers from several directors and producers. The adamant actress has however promised to stay aloof of Bollywood owing to the commandments of her new religion.Since actress found very desperate after married with goswamy.In 2015 she was interviewed by some channels az WHERE THE TOP STARS DISAPPEARED FROM BOLLYWOOD.In that indiatv found meharnisa in Kenya living alone az Vicky was arrested there also for same cause.In interview she told that she had broken from inside and now living like exile.Soon after 1 consignment were tracked by anti narcotic cell of Maharashtra.This was related to Vicky goswami worth of 2 thousand crore and was send in the name of mamta to the district thane in maha.There after complaint was filed against Malta in thane by narcotic cell.Now week before Red corner notice was issued by Maharashtra gov.In which Malta was rewarded ?z 50 lakhz and most wanted list of notoriouz.Now special investigation authoritiez working hard to bring back Malta kulkarni.On the other hand mamta refuzed to comment on her arresting.With a1unitedmedia Vaibhav for and Reuters and wall street journal and source media New South Wales and New York.

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