16 killed, hundreds stranded on Indonesian mountain after earthquake


At least 16 people were killed and hundreds other were stranded in the Indonesian tourist island Lombok after an earthquake with 6.4 intentsity triggered landslides which cut off escape routes

Over 680 tourists from France, Thailand, the Netherlands and Malaysia were trekking on Mount Rinjani when the earthquake struck on Sunday. According to the officials, the stranded tourists are now slowly making their way off the mountain.

By late afternoon, more than 250 people had reached a relief post in Sembalun village and a team of rescuers has reached hundreds more near the mountain’s crater lake, a local military official, Arifianto, told Indonesian TV, adding that even as the tourists were shaken form the experience they were mostly unharmed.

He said some suffered light injuries and were traumatised, but most were in good condition.

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake early Sunday killed 16 people, including an Indonesian student who was among the Mount Rinjani climbers. The shallow quake set off landslides on the mountain that’s carpeted in boulders and rocks, blocking usual paths out.

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